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The renewals are usually mailed from the General Council (Springfield, Missouri) during November of each year. If a renewal is not received by December 1, please contact our office. All ministers failing to submit a renewal postmarked or online before December 31 shall be considered delinquent. They shall be required to pay a late fee of $50 up until January 16, to be divided equally between the District and General Council offices.

Those whose renewal applications are not postmarked by January 15 shall be recorded as lapsed as of the expiration date of December 31. They must make application for reinstatement and pay a fee of $100, to be divided equally between the District and General Council offices.

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Certificate of Ministry:
Beginnings and efficient helps in gospel work, especially those who work under pastoral leadership and who devote a part of their time to Christian service.

Licensed Ministers:
Those who give clear evidence of a divine call, who have had practical experience in preaching, and who give evidence of purpose to devote their entire time to preaching the gospel.

Ordained Ministers:
Those who are of mature experience and who are qualified and able to undertake the responsibilities of the full gospel ministry and whose ministries are generally acceptable.

    • Applicants must be twenty-three years of age or over 
    • Must have held a License to Preach for at least two full consecutive years

The NY School of Ministry provides a practical and affordable way to acquire the necessary course credit to qualify for credential advancement.

NY School of Ministry

The list of educational requirements are set by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The New York Ministry Network requirements are the same as Global Credential Courses.

General Council Financial Responsibilities

The work of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, in its program of developing the spirit of cooperation and fellowship in home and foreign fields, incurs considerable expense, including the financial support of the executive officers and offices.

  • Certified ministers are committed contribute $10 per month
  • Licensed ministers are committed to contribute $20 per month
  • Ordained ministers are committed to contribute $25 per month

 Compliance with the above requirements shall be a prerequisite for renewal of credentials of all active ministers.  If their contributions are in arrears, they shall be given an opportunity to meet this deficit with their renewal.

Network Financial Responsibilities

  • It is required as a standard of proper practice that each ordained and licensed credential holder contribute minimally an amount equal to 85% of their tithe computed from all wages and salaries, sending it once a month to the district treasurer.
  • It is required that those holding Certificates of Ministry contribute minimally an amount equal to 50% of their tithe computed from all wages and salaries, to be sent once a month to the district treasurer. 
  • There shall be an annual review of those whose giving appears not to conform to the district standard.

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